Welcome to my personal website, where I try to show much of the work that I have been developing. This website is divided into five sections, being possible to know something about me in this one. In sections Research and Projects I compile the most relevant texts and works, being possible to download a variety of information related to each of them (documents, codes, etc.). It is also available to see my resume at the appropriate section and, finally, you can access the Contact page if you want to communicate with me for any reason (tips, questions, comments, etc.). I hope that this website is useful.

About me

My name is Iván López and I am a Telecommunications Engineer (2006-11), Electronics Engineer (2011-13), Master in Multimedia Technologies (2011-12) and Ph.D. in Information and Communication Technologies (2013-17) all from the University of Granada (Spain). Among other tastes, music highlights because I studied violin up to 4th course of intermediate level at Professional Conservatory of Music Ángel Barrios of Granada. I have also carried out several musical recordings and live performances with various groups as a composer, violinist and guitarist, standing out my career with the band Spell. Other of my interests are writing, philosophy, politics, economics, history and cycling.